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In this increasingly complex real estate market it is becoming difficult to navigate your way through the little intricacies that make buying real estate worth something. Buying property in Udaipur is a great idea not only because it is a developing city but also because of the fact that it is unabashedly becoming the center of attention on the international platform. Well, your ultimate solution for all your concerns regarding buying property in Udaipur is SME group. We are a real estate company in Udaipur that has resolved to give you full satisfaction with your purchase and find the property in Udaipur that has the highest return margin within a time period that is realistic and is acceptable for the buyer.

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2,52, 648 sqft
SME Orchide
Lakhawali, Badgav, Udaipur
real estate company in udaipur
48,000 Sqft
SME Villa's
Umarda Railway Station, Udaipur

About us

SME group is Udaipur's most trusted and reliable real estate company. We develop residential, retail and commercial properties to bring about a modern outlook in the market for the buyer. We are primarily sellers and resellers of plots and UIT converted plots in and around Udaipur. Our goal is to provide complete customer satisfaction through our highly skilled staff, seasoned to cruise you through the process of buying real estate in Udaipur. The founders of SME group laid the foundation of this firm on values and morals of an ethical real estate agent in Udaipur that works in the direction of mutual growth. We intend to develop properties in Udaipur , transforming it into prime real estate that brings you the kind of turnover you are expecting. We are a trusted name in the real estate industry in Udaipur since the last 15 years and the testimony of our success is the plethora of customers SME group has catered to.

Our vision

Udaipur's growing popularity in the real estate industry is gaining attention by the hour. In this light, we plan to transform the way buyers choose and process the purchase of property in Udaipur. As a real estate company in Udaipur, we intend to bring about an absolute sustained growth that is time-bound. It is absolutely quintessential to make things happen at a predetermined timeline, so as to provide results in a timely fashion. We are transformers of what seems average into a property that is at par with the gold standard real estate. You already know, when SME group is in the mix it has got to be that spectacular.

Why choose us?

Stepping into real estate in general needs a professional eye that ensures complete perfection for keeping any future obstacles at bay. You would also need a thorough knowledge of the market and it’s fluctuations that affect the pricing of property in Udaipur, continuously. Hiring a potent real estate agent becomes vital in such a situation. SME group is a real estate company in Udaipur that has ceremoniously emerged as a one-stop solution to buying a commercial, retail or residential property in Udaipur.

About our specialities

SME group is a real estate company in Udaipur that specialises in developing retail, commercial and residential plots in Udaipur. We are real estate agents that will help you find the ideal property in Udaipur that will ensure maximum returns in prime locations. Whatever your budget is, our responsibility is to bring the cream of the crowd to you. SME group has been in the real estate game for a very long tenure that has gifted us with deep-seated knowledge of how the market works and the ability to recognise the model choice for our buyer. We transform commercial, residential and retail properties. You must trust and believe that you are in the best hands when it comes to buying property in Udaipur with the SME group.


No successful business is truly successful without satisfied customers who keep in touch even after the trade-off. We believe in placing the buyer in the top berth in every situation. SME group has many such client testimonials that are living proof of our excellence. Our guru mantra revolves around the lines of giving you the best through us striving to map out a great deal for you. These testimonials are our ultimate testament of good work and chivalry as real estate agents in Udaipur.

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